Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Higgins Bend Song and Dance

We stopped to take pictures of a real "bendy" creek very close by to our house.

Yesterday we began Higgins Bend Song and Dance a tall tale about a man who vows to catch a giant catfish which hangs out in a deep pool at Higgins Bend. One of the first things we did was to visit a creek with many bends in it. We stopped by on the way to co-op to get a few pictures. Seriously, this poor farmer has no field the way this creek bends back and forth on both sides of the road. Then we "followed" the creek all the way down the road a ways. See for yourself!

This picture was taken out the other side of the van- just opposite the above picture.

This one I just thought was cool because you can see how high the water was recently with our huge rain and ice storm and snow melt this past weekend. You have to click on the picture maybe to see where the water level ice is still stuck to the bottom branches.

This is a volume 4 book with two weeks worth of ideas. Here's how we plan to spend the time:

Week 1
  • Monday- discuss river bends and what makes them, review tall tale, review running a business and compare this one to others we've encountered, point out cross section drawing
  • Tuesday- write a short tall tale, discuss loners, begin money notebook pages
  • Wednesday- water color picture of a river bend, money pages
  • Thursday- money game, begin study of river life
  • Friday- river life and animal classification
Week 2:
  • Monday- Potato stamping, morning star
  • Tuesday- Fish classification
  • Wednesday- try out cross section drawing, worms
  • Thursday- Water numbers (volume of a river, river stats around the world, measuring river volume and depth)
  • Friday- insect classification, finish up river animal studies
This looks to be a promising study with a much needed break from cold weather thoughts! Last summer we went on a stream safari and we can draw on that experience when we talk about some of these topics. All this classification is near and dear to this biology teacher's heart!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great plan, Heather.

Inspiring (as always!)

:) Ami