Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somebody I know Must be Praying for Snow!

But they need to allow for their driving time so they get here safely!! Seriously in the last two weeks since we found out we are getting a winter visit from some cousins, we have had full snow cover completely melt- TWICE. Including just yesterday and the day before. Our visitors announced they wanted to see and enjoy some snow. We recovered from a snow melt and flooding once only to have it happen again Sunday into Monday. Lucky for them snow showers here are a major storm where they are from and that's what we've had last night and today. And when the wind blows over the lakes snow will fall here. Sometimes it snows hard! Today's forecast was for occasional snow showers. The picture above is a snow squall within those bands of showers. If you aren't familiar with snow squalls they are sudden burst of snow that occur and it'll produce white out conditions and drop an inch or so of snow in about a half hour. It looks like the temperature will hold below freezing which means the daily snow showers will stick around through the weekend.
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Mary said...

Wow that must be pretty cool to watch if you are safe inside a warm house! I've tagged you for a 7 random things about yourself post if you want to participate.