Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not Much Has Changed between Mothers and Sons in over a 100 Years...

At the breakfast table this morning:

Me: "(E9) don't put so much in your mouth at once and chew with your mouth closed."

E9: "This reminds me of my favorite line in Farmer Boy."

What is the line?

"There's something for you in the woodshed, " Father said.

Almanzo wanted to see it right away. But Mother said if he did not eat his breakfast he was sick and must take medicine. then he ate as fast as he could, and she said:

"Don't take such big mouthfuls."

Mothers always fuss about the way you eat. You can hardly eat any way that pleases them.

And yes, he actually quoted the part in bold to me as part of our conversation. Great kid.

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Jennifer said...

LOL!!! Loved Farmer Boy.