Saturday, March 8, 2008

Neil Armstrong

The Notebook!

Week 1
  • Monday- read chapter 1, timeline update/story time frame 1936, LA- dialogue punctuation
  • Tuesday- eardrum/ear anatomy, Aluminum and alloys
  • Wednesday- LA- numerical prefixes, read chapter 2, Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers, intro to England
  • Thursday- King Edward VIII- decision to leave the throne, how do airplanes fly
  • Friday- book covers (design one to go with his book- yes we are still working on those!)
I haven't sat down to really plan out the whole book yet so this week we'll be doing the first two chapters. Next we'll probably do three. I mainly need to determine how long E9 will spend on this book. Stay tune for more details and notebook updates. His timeline especially needs some attention.

Numerical prefixes and a quote from Neil Armstrong. I found the copywork pages at Homeschool Share. I think E9's cursive is improving.

Airplanes are made of an alloy with aluminum. He had to figure out what they are and name some examples

Were you able to name any? E9 named a few right off the top of his head- bronze and brass

Using the Time for Kids site again, he did some map work on Germany and read up on what happened to Prussia and emigration/immigration

Last week E9 did some work on England and King Edward VIII and the reason for abdicating the throne. We talked about what makes some decisions harder than others and how some decision affect more people than others.

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