Friday, February 1, 2008

American Girl Fans Anyone?

I'm lucky enough tonight to be joining my husband while he reinstalls windows on his work desktop. He brought home a laptop in case he needed it- plus if you know anything about me then you know I've been begging for a laptop for a long time. So, he thought I might have some fun with it.

So, here we are with the TV on hanging out with the computer. What's on? A Laura Croft Tomb Raider type thing. Yeah- Dan's in charge. And without my normal bookmarks at my ready, I've been poking around the Homeschool Share Site. I just happened upon something super cool.

I'm excited to use some of this American Girl Study material from HSS with R7. I just thought I'd point it out to some of you in case you hadn't seen it yet. HSS has some really nice tools for us all to use. It is amazing how much effort this group of women put into th e site.

I've been thinking of starting a book club for R7 and her interested friends focusing on the American Girl book series. I might have to see how much of this material I could use. I'm still thinking on the book club concept though. I'm reading a book called The Kids Book Club Book by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp. It's full of fun ideas on how to put together and sustain a great book club for kids. Plus, there are sections on book suggestions by grade level and activities to go with them including food to make!

I'll keep you posted on what we try out. In the meantime, I'll think I'll enjoy a perusal of what HSS has to offer.

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