Saturday, January 26, 2008

The School Boxes

One of the tasks I really wanted to complete was helping the kids to sort through their school boxes. This one is E9's and it's pretty full. It has his math workbook, dictation notebook, spelling notebook, handwriting notebook, Presidents notebook, his current Beyond notebook (Cricket in Times Square) which is a three-pronged folder, his binder, and his scrapbook notebook along with the spelling dictionary shown here.

This one is a look down on I-5's school box. He has all the things a successful homeschooled kindergartner would need. These are portable file boxes without lids that sit on the floor at their chairs at the school table.

It's not terribly sophisticated but it works for us for now. So, how do you keep the things your kids need daily for school?
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Jen said...

Ummmm...I am still working on a plan for that--that's why we started this year! : ) I am trying to get all of my B4 stuff organized so I can easily get him his stuff. When we started last fall we were always looking for the scissors (drawer), glue (craft closet), markers (box), etc., so I got all of the supplies we use on a regular basis and we keep those in one basket in the shelf. That has made my life a LOT easier! (But I'm still always looking for ideas!)

CB said...

I followed your FIAR post about Snowflake Bentley because we just did this project too. :)

But I LOVE your simple organizing of the kids' stuff. Great idea. Simple is good.