Friday, January 4, 2008

January School Themes

Finally...a chance to sit and think about what the kids will do for school this month. That itinerary was a fun plan but doesn't allow for changes and flexibility too much. So, some of this is the same and some of it isn't, but we are still on the journey!

This week: 1/4/08 through 1/9/08 Grandfather's Journey (R7 and I-5)

Next two weeks: 1/10/08- 1/18/08 Snowflake Bentley (R7)
Katy and the Big Snow (I-5)
The Snowy Day (J2)

This month: Cricket in Times Square (E9)

I couldn't quite decide how to work out the details. There's a Japan exhibit at our local science center that I thought we could tie into Grandfather's Journey. It's also a winter wonderland out there at the moment. I wanted to start with a short row and Snowflake Bentley is a two week volume 4 row. That's also why I-5 is doing Katy that week. Volume 4 of FIAR is for 7 to 8 yr olds as they transition to Beyond and longer books. J2 will do some snowy fun things using the Snowy Day from Before FIAR.

We were at the library this morning turning in our Christmas books for snowy books. I'll be sure to share our winter table with you later.

Happy New Year to you all! I love getting back in the groove...

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