Saturday, February 2, 2008

Katy and the Big Snow and Snowflake Bentley

I-5's vocabulary page- he cut out the pictures and glued them and then dictated what they each mean to me as I wrote them down. Great job I-5!

The title page along with counting by 5s horsepower book- Katy has a 55 horsepower engine you know! Books of street signs and a list of Katy's attributes are included too.

A more detailed city built by I-5 and R7 using the road signs and other construction materials.

He also did microscope work with the older two and he made a mini book on personification. He dictated to me what it means and then personified his favorite lego star wars ship. Such a BOY!

I-5 Katy and the Big Snow

  • Monday- build a city/community helpers, minit book on street signs
  • Tuesday- complete minit book, personification/list about Katy
  • Wednesday- Caldecott medal (with R7), detail/personified objects
  • Thursday- counting by 5s practice/book (horsepower)
  • Friday- weather book
We'll be keeping track of the weather all week. We just updated our weather calendar and we'll keep it up to date. We'll also plant another snow gauge outside. Snow crafts are in order and I'm sure you will get to see some of the finished products.

Today's city...if you are familiar with the book, then you may recognize Katy's garage. The yellow bulldozer is a stand in for Katy!

R7 Snowflake Bentley

  • Monday- Vermont, education at home
  • Tuesday- biographies, introduction to persistence, common sayings, some vocabulary
  • Wednesday- Caldecott Medal, woodcut art project (with model magic)
  • Thursday- snow gauge, counting by 6s
  • Friday- crystals, microscope activity, weather book
Throughout the week, she will be studying the weather and doing snow crafts.

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