Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Proper Order Restored...

I didn't mention this the other day, but we recently bought ourselves some fun gifts for the van. One is a dual screen DVD player for our van. No more borrowing from my great friend Jenn- finally! We also purchased a new car stereo that will let us plug our mp3 players into it without using that lame transmitter. It sounds great!

E9 has been enjoying his Sansa player since his birthday. I got one about a year earlier that is very similar, but to my dismay has half the memory of his player. He has really enjoyed this fact a lot. Too much.

So, when we installed the radio and planned on listening to tunes, E9 said this to us at dinner. "Mommy when we drive in the van and listen to a player, we should use mine because it holds more songs." Ouch! Dan started laughing and I said, "Did you hear that? How much longer can I handle this abuse??" I let him know it would not be much longer.

I had told him he could get me a new player as long as we could afford one that had more going for it than more memory. You know... a better interface with our music service would be good and maybe a better display PLUS more memory. So, with yesterday being Christmas guess what I got to open??

I'm the proud owner of a Sansa Sandisk e250. It has 2GB of memory and the capability of expanding to twice that. Woohoo! Now who's got more memory?? It's still a flash player, but wow it's a lot heavier than my old one.

And my old player? Well, I'm planning on using it for audio downloads and when R7 gets the itch for her own, it may turn out to be hers.


Alana - The Mommy said...

Hee Hee! I guess you showed him!

Did it make you ugly cry? Just wondering!

Did you ask where the heck your Desk Apprentice is?

Heather said...

Not a crier...sorry!!

And you know that DA will be mine at the next best opportunity!

Mary said...

Hey I just got a ipod shuffle so am new to this technology. Are the transmitters really bad?

Mary said...

Oh by the way I thought your daughter might enjoy the Disney Road to Avonlea series based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's books.