Friday, December 21, 2007

Did it ! What do you Think??

Ms. Historical Figure has taken a vacation while I seek to get permission for to her join me in my blogging journey. I will let you know what happens! For now I'll keep the color scheme in hopes that the curator of the museum will allow me to use the picture. Many thanks again to Alana for checking on her origin and creating yet another temporary banner. And yes...the font checks out.

Well ultimately, it came down to colors to match that cool lady up there. And the widgets were messing with me- taking away color choices! Ahh! So, now I can add snatching and using html color codes to my list of ever growing blogging skills. Thanks again Alana! Honestly, how can it get better than the original MSW font?!

Leave a's my new look?


Anonymous said...

I Like it!

Family O'Foxes said...

Very cool new look!
I should do that to my blog also but I just haven't taken the time do that. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it so anyone can post a comment without me having to approve their comments first.

FIAR-> Amy[Oregon]

Lynn said...

Heather, thanks for visiting my blog. I responded to your comment on my blog, but wanted to drop by and comment here, too. I LOVED the header I saw last night, so I hope you can use that. There must be an issue about use...?

Anyway, I measured my doll houses (book cases/shelves) and they are 28 inches tall, 17 inches across and about 12 inches deep. There's a picture of them in full at this blog post:

We're going to have so much fun with these houses in 2008!

Lynn ~:-D

Darla said...