Friday, November 16, 2007

Math Time!

I thought I'd add a post about what the kids are up to in subjects besides FIAR. Yes! We really do other things like math. We use Horizons Math for all the kids which seems to agree with them very well. This year we are using Math K, Math 2, and Math 4/5 for our kindergartner, second grader, and fourth grader.

I should add that J2 has a "math" book and loves to pull it out and color and glue and all sorts of things in there. In fact, tonight as I was working on some lessons, he kept coming up to me and asking where his math book was- only I kept missing the math book word. Finally when I got it and I said, "Oh math book!" He began to search and say with a lilt, "Math book where arrreee you?" In no time he was seated at the school table chattering away about his math and gluing paper in it and penciling and markering different pages. He definitely cannot be left out of anything!

E9 is doing a lot with fractions and geometry lately. He can name line segments, lines, rays, angles, find perimeter and recently area. He is enjoying interchanging from mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa.

E-9's working on the second half of Horizons math 4. He will likely begin math 5 sometime this spring. On this page he was delighted by two things. As always the ultimate Hokie fan, he has been working on congruent shapes and did some here. On the right side, he ran up to me so excited that he would be adding fractions with different denominators. Just the other night he and Dan had a long conversation about equivalent fractions and adding fractions and what would happen if you had to add fractions with different denominators. E9 predicted correctly showing off his fraction skills and almost the very next day it showed up in his lesson.

R-7 is moving on to the thousands in place value which is very exciting to her- especially since only four problems take up a whole page! She's been adding three digit numbers and has really mastered carrying with addition. She really enjoys doing Rainforest math on the computer when she's done with her book pages.
I-5 adores his math! He's been telling time by the hour and measuring with rulers. Most recently he's added some place value exercises and is adding two digit numbers with one digit numbers using a number line. Such cool Kindergarten stuff and he's just about done with the first half of his Kindergarten math program- in November!

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