Friday, November 2, 2007

Introducing BEFORE Five in a Row

The Red Carpet!

J2 is maybe, kinda, sorta probably giving up his nap sometime soon. I think he's definitely in a transition phase though it might be a while before it's totally gone. We've done B4 here and there and have enjoyed it with I-5. So, I thought it might be best to begin some of this fun stuff with J2 early in the day so he's set while I work on school with the older kids. I certainly can't wait long because the later, the fussier- for everyone!

So, in our story a red carpet is to be laid out for a visiting duke and it runs away and eventually meets the duke at the ferry where he receives a huge welcome. The adventure is very funny as people set out on a chase to catch the carpet.

So, we set out our own red carpet and J2 unrolled it all over town. He had a great time rolling his car right down the red carpet.

Next, I think we'll talk about important people and "the red carpet treatment" and maybe even roll out a carpet for when Daddy gets home from work.

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K5 said...

Cool idea Heather! By the way, this is Kisha from the FIAR boards. I'll have to try this.