Thursday, October 11, 2007

This week's spelling- E9

Somehow I think his spelling lists are too easy, but we use Spelling Power and have just begun level C. This week he had no words misspelled on his list after the pre-test on Monday. So, my assignment for the words this week was to write a paragraph using five of the words from the list. Here's what he came up with and he was quite pleased with himself.

One time two men went to a store. One man said, "Look at that bat in a sack on the rack."

The other man said, "That is a
fat sack."

"Well then there must be more than one
bat in that sack, " said the other man.

glad there is more than one bat in that sack because I need a lot of bats," said the man.

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Mikey said...

That's priceless.