Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shhh....don't tell!!

I'm excited today for another reason...we belong to a homeschool support group and we receive announcements through a yahoo group. Well one family was looking to sell a digital microscope that is no longer compatible with their computer. Guess who's snagged it??

So check THIS out! Isn't it amazing?? Think of the stuff we are going to discover together with that thing! As a biological sciences major at a university where mostly molecular level stuff was studied, I've had enough microscope to last a lifetime. Not to mention the 170 seventh graders per year for five years that I helped to use a microscope!

But this is just cooler than ever for this former science teacher. Look out! And for the benefit of a former carpool partner, I just have to say..."There will be a lot of GOOD science going on!"

But shhh...it's a surprise for the kids. We may even wait until Christmas- if I can stand to wait that long!

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