Friday, October 12, 2007

Royal notebook pages...

Well I managed to share all kinds of books and activities with you, but here are some of the notebook pages and written work the kids did with this book.

First page of R7's Duchess notebook from Homeschool Share

First page of I-5's notebook

The coat of arms was very particular for I-5 according to a key we read. He has some signs of strength, royalty, and fire on his. On the opposite page is an example of alliteration in a repetitive verse "Lovely, Light, Luscious, Delectable Cake".

Rebecca's coat of arms and her booklet on leavening agents (since it was clearly overused in the story), and finally a pocket of vocabulary words. All these copies courtesy of HSS.

R7's list of some rhyming words in the story. We talked about poetry and rhyming patterns.

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