Friday, October 5, 2007

Our Great Blue Heron

Yup he's ours! We've claimed him because we see him every time we travel to the next town when we cross a bridge over a particular creek. We all crane our necks to catch a glimpse of our friend. Sometimes he's in the water clearly trying to fish. Other times he's out on the bank hanging out. Herons are in these parts to mate and take care of their young, but I imagine he'll be heading south soon.

In fact, since my trip to Orlando I haven't seen him and I thought perhaps he'd left already. We were all overjoyed to spot him in the water today! It was R7 who suggested we add him to our nature journals today and what a great idea. I told her I'd add him to the blog because well this is the only place I've ever been successful journaling anything. I'm just not a diary kinda girl. I think it's more fun to write for an audience so there you have it. True confessions...

Growing up in the general region of the Chesapeake Bay herons are a common sight. But I will admit that this bird brings great joy to my heart every time I see him. Thanks be to God for His awesome creation and everything in it!

And Mr. or Mrs. Heron...if this was the last citing for the season, well, we'll see you next spring!

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