Monday, October 8, 2007

More Duchess Fun!

We finished up the Duchess notebooks today, but before I post those here's a peek at some chess and knights activity.

These are knight dress ups made by my biggest blog fan- thanks Grandma!! She made these at separate times for our knight crazy boys. I really like the Food Lion crest and especially the sequin chain mail helmets! Super creative, these have provided hours of pretend play for our kids.

Lego Chess! When E9 was in the height of his chess obsession this was highly sought after. He's still pretty good and he enjoyed playing with all of us this week. His grandfather was happy to hear E9 was ready to play via internet. Now R7 and I-5 can play too! This game and several others were played outside on our deck on a nice, unseasonably warm October day.

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Shannon said...

Great knight costumes! Seeing the fun you all are having with Duchess is exciting - can't wait to row it this winter. I'm gonna have to get that chess game, too. My ds has recently become a chess fanatic - it's all he wants to play when we mention board games!