Saturday, October 13, 2007

Apple Pie Travels!

One of the art lessons for this book is to make a city street scene. R7 really enjoyed putting the details on each building.

Another art lesson was to show how artists use contrast in their work. The illustrator of this story does this on the last page of book when the girl and her guests are eating apple pie. This is I-5's interpretation of that scene showing contrast.

I-5's pages on where the girls has to go to get her pie ingredients.

R7's final pages including her map and the pie!

R7's journey page

I-5's first apple pie notebook page with the beginning of his journey

R7 decided to cut her title page apart and make her own.

This is the map of the route the girl in the storied took. Our lesson included remembering where she went in what order and where those places are on the map. We marked with them red yarn and each circle has a different ingredient on it.

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Shannon said...

Your kids do great work, Heather! The artwork is fantastic. Yeah for both of them!
My kids love this book. We did it lightly last year, but we may have to hit it again this year too and do the FNL. It looks like a fun one.