Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking the Wire!

What a fun time we've had with Mirette and her teacher Bellini! The setting of the story is Paris, France. We've had the chance to map out Europe and France as well as the career of the famous tightrope walker in the story. Above is I-5's map pages.

The kids colored a flag of France and inside the flag booklet are pictures of the Eiffel Tower where the famous Bellini once walked the rope. We reviewed compound words, talked about boasting in addition to other vocabulary words, went on a copper hunt, and identified complimentary colors.

On our last day we will make a circus poster advertising the kids' death defying feats. I wonder what they'll come up with! We'll also learn that the shortest distance between two points is a - say it with me- LINE!

Fun books for this unit:

Mirette on the Highwire by Emily Arnold McCully- this is our FIAR study book for the week.

Starring Mirette and Bellini by Emily Arnold McCully- the sequel to Mirette about a trip to Russia before the revolution.

Mirette & Bellini Cross Niagara Falls by Emily Arnold McCully- yet another sequel to the original and I think the plot is obvious! Great story...

Madeline and the Gypsies by Ludwig Bemelmans- the story of Madeline and Pepito and how they end up traveling with the gypsies to perform in the circus.

The Man Who Walked between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein- the true story of Philippe Petit, a french aerialist, who spent nearly an hour walking on a tightrope he'd thrown between the buildings. Which buildings? The former World Trade Center towers as they were being finished in 1974. The book was published in 2003 and begins, "Once there were two towers side by side. They were each a quarter of a mile high; one thousand three hundred and forty feet. They were the tallest buildings in New York City."

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