Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Jackson Pollack

Tonight was game night at our house and we chose to play Knights and Cities of Catan. Let me first say that if your family has not invested in the Catan family of games, please get out there and DO it! Since March this has become a family favorite and it's just right for adults and kids alike.

I-5 usually plays for an hour but opted out so he and J2 joined us in the playroom while the rest of us played the game. We just returned home with some new items since we celebrated family birthdays while on our trip to Maryland. J2's aunt and uncle sent him home with a new Aquadoodle wall mat. What fun!

He and I-5 fought over the one pen we could locate this evening, but they pulled out some other aquadoodle media and had some fun. The pen is generous with the amount of water is lets out and if you shake it, well a whole other effect is born.

J2 is a brilliant modern artist! And of course, this sparked conversation about Mr. Pollack and his style of art. With the help of Wikipedia we showed the kids some of his real artwork.

Below is a sample of I-5's work. I should have captured his famous icicles because he would draw one thick line and let the water run to form "icicles".

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