Tuesday, September 11, 2007

J2 Takes His Turn!

Can you believe it? J2 sat himself down to the computer during school time today and tried to play Rainforest Math. Before he hacked something he shouldn't, I asked E9 to load Reader Rabbit Toddler thinking maybe he could fool with it more and it would make him a happy guy.

Well, to my surprise he caught on very well. Don't get me wrong. I know he is a good shape matcher, but he he was dragging those shapes so fast and dropping them into place. This is a great program for learning mouse skills and we have a giant track ball mouse for the preschool kids. I was just surprised by how well he caught on.

Not only that, but he navigated through several games and mastered them all! So, I guess another computer addict is born and that is good and bad. Now I have another tool to use for him when we are doing big kid school. Unfortunately, he might do a lot of asking to be on the "puter".

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Alana said...

That is cool Heather! I think that our J2 is right behind him. Um, did you see that the trackball mouse is $100. I wouldn't even pay that much for trashcan, much less a mouse!!!! LOL! :wink: