Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gramma's Walk notebook pages!

Gramma's Walk is an out of print book about a grandmother in a wheelchair and her grandson. When he comes into the room, she asks him where he would like to take a walk and he decides on a walk on the beach. With their imaginations, they take a lovely stroll. At the end of the walk, her grandson tells her she is the best walker in the world.

We had the opportunity to talk about grandparents, and people with disabilities and the use of wheelchairs. We also had fun spotting the wheelchair symbol in all sorts of places. Lighthouses and oceans made for some fun topics as well. Our time with the seashore is drawing to a close for now. We had some great August fun with ocean/beach settings and the best part was a trip to the real live Atlantic Seashore!

I-5's front page for the book. Based on the items found on the seashore, we figured the book's setting is most likely the Pacific coast. Well, when is the last time you've seen an otter on the Atlantic coast?

I-5's world's ocean pages. He is able to name all of the world's oceans.

We made a trip to see their grandparents over Labor Day weekend and they were gracious enough to pay for one night's stay there. We tried to make some seashore discoveries of our own, but we didn't find too much. Next time we'll have to hit a state park where the beaches might be less disturbed!

R7's front page.
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