Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Night of the Moonjellies- read alouds!

We start each morning of school after breakfast by sitting on the sofa and reading books together. The littlest boys sometimes get toys and listen quietly while they play. Other times they crawl up for an extra lap time. This week we are "rowing" Night of the Moonjellies and we've been having fun learning about fishing villages and beach towns, creatures that glow in the dark in the water, and lobstering! Some of our books are pictured here. Creatures that Glow is so cool because each animal really does glow once it's been exposed to the light. And of course there is a moonjelly in there! Once our reading time is over, we head downstairs to do some written work and other fun things with our topics of the day. Yesterday the kids wrote some paragraphs for language arts using the first person point of view. I-5 narrated his short story to me using just the right pronouns. R7 wrote her own and we had a delightful time editing it and adding detail. She was given a choice to either write a paragraph in first person point of view or to write a paragraph using contrast to create different feelings in what she wrote. She chose to write a contrasting piece in the first person point of view! She chose to contrast the brightness of the marina with the darkness of the restaurant once we went inside. I'll be sure to share the end product because she did such a nice job on it. We also listed as many foods mentioned in the book as we could think of from memory and tomorrow we'll formally record that somehow to share in the notebooks.

Our go along read alouds:

Going Lobstering by Jerry Palotta is one of our favorite "go along" stories.

Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey and L is for Lobster by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds

Fishing Village by Gail Gibbons

Creatures that Glow

(I'll add pictures of these books soon!)

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