Monday, July 23, 2007


Well in my quest to organize this room and the books that were displaced when we put up the gutter shelves, I chose to use this magazine rack for reference materials only. We desperately needed a spot for dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc to be available without my help!

The rack is from Big Lots and it was a bargain as it was the last one left and it was slightly broken. This is the one that may get moved up to R7's room someday.

All our favorites are here. Click the picture for a better look! We've got some great atlases. My favorite is the National Geographic Young Exploreres Atlas of the US. I still need the world version. Usborne Books has some wonderful books on any science or history you can think of. We've also got nature books on the bottom for quick reference.

This was an exciting accomplishment!

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my5wolfcubs said...

Now that is cool! You are making great organizational progress! :)