Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Katy No Pocket

I our 5yo just graduated from a little preschool program and will begin kindergarten at home in the fall. Over the summer I'm spending time with him and his 2yo brother doing Before Five in a Row books. This program is a learning readiness program for two to four year olds written by the same author as our favorite Five in a Row (FIAR). I figure it's worth it to spend some time in fun books with fun activities while the bigger kids are doing their summer adventures and I'm not working so intensely with them. And it will help I to get some more experience and skills before fall.

We did several titles this past school year, but this summer we started with Katy No Pocket by Emmy Payne. What a great story about a mama kangaroo who is missing a pocket. We tried out the FIAR fold n learn for the book and have had a super time making an apron to carry animals, cutting and pasting, and playing letter games. They like to sort the animals we meet in the story into different classes using our animal classification board.

One special thing for the kids was to note that the illustrator HA Ray is the same guy who wrote Curious George- another house favorite.

R-7 decided to join us for making the fold n learn

I is a master scissor user. He loves to cut and glue!

Our one and only leftie so far

Our three oldest enjoyed the aprons and added some friends who wanted to catch a ride!
This project came from the B4FIAR fold and learn


my5wolfcubs said...

I came to your blog via the FIAR board to see your Katy No Pocket pictures! I've been reading all your other posts & commenting though. :) These pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!!

7hearts said...

love those pocket aprons! I,too, found your site via FIAR boards, and I'm glad I did! I'm bookmarkin' you, girl! :)

Michelle said...

The aprons look fantastic. My 4yo girl are about to commence Katy No Pocket next week for some winter time fun. We are from Australia so I thought she might enjoy it. We also have the fold and learn and are looking forward to doing it together.