Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reading through the Presidents!

Part way through this school year I found an idea on the FIAR from a mom who has her kids "read through the Presidents." Knowing I have a fact hungry boy, I thought he might enjoy learning facts about the Presidents of the United States in order. I also wanted some more independent work for our third grader. Since then, he's been reading away! He reads two to three biographies for each President and works on choosing facts about each one. We call them "Five fast Facts" and he keeps a notebook to record what he has found. He's visited some cool websites like the one that shows each President's signature. He started with George Washington and made it through to William Henry Harrison by the end of the year.

We were so excited earlier this year when the first Presidential dollar coin was made available. Here E shows his collecting kit and we are sure to visit the bank for a newly minted coin in the first days they are released. Such excitement around the house!

We've found some fun information and coloring pages at the US Mint web site. Recently, I found a DK sticker book all about the Presidents! What a cool find for a homeschooling mom! These will come in handy for his notebook. In fact, I think he might just have to continue reading this summer.

Along with knowing who the Presidents were, this activity has been wonderful for providing extra reading and some knowledge of the chronology of US History. Study a presidency and you'll find out what was going on in America during that term or terms.

One of E's favorite book series is the "Childhood of Famous Americans" and there are so many presidential titles to choose from. I can't wait to see the finished product! I'll keep you posted.

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