Sunday, April 8, 2007

FIAR- Owl Moon

Right after we finished our prairie study, we moved back into doing a Five in a row title called, Owl Moon.

Once in a while I try out something new and this time I filled a living room table with all kinds of books and other items (even an owl pellet kit) that we'd be visiting throughout the week. I also filled a basket with related books and labeled it the "Preferred Reading Basket". I get a lot of great ideas from the women on the FIAR website. These I had to try.

During Owl Moon the kids and I explored the world of owls and owling (spotting owls at night). We dissected an owl pellet which I can tell you from experience is WAY nicer to do in a classroom rather than in your own home! The dissection we do will be on the porch or back yard!! We were able to see that our owl had eaten several rodents when he pitched up that pellet. We used the kit entitled, Owl Puke which has a great book and even a sorting tray along with the pellet itself. E and R also tried their hand at writing similes and metaphors and I think they are pretty good. We talked about phases of the moon and are currently keeping track of what the moon is doing. We even have a website that can look back in time in case we miss it or there is a rainy night.

We finished up the week by enjoying an Owl Moon themed meal from the FIAR cookbook. On cold winter nights it's fun to have white chili and cornbread. The best part were the homemade rootbeer floats we got to enjoy!

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