Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leaf Dolls

Last week we went to a family picnic sponsored by the lab Dan works for. It's always at a local State Park and it's always a lovely time. They grill lunch and have dinner catered and there's plenty of activity for all! We're always one of the last families to leave and this time after some of the other kids had left, R11 was getting bored. However, there was a toothpick from her dinner packet that provided some inspiration. The results are below.

It started with the doll on the left made from a toothpick. Then she thought some mulch would do!

Then she remembered the perfect tool to help her with the task- her Leatherman.

She fringed hair and cut the wood to make feet. The details are really there!

I helped her choose mulch pieces for the dolls- we had a great time working together.

When her family was completed, she began to think about what she could accomplish with fabric and toothpicks. The results are really nice. Hopefully, you'll see some of her own thoughts on Miss Bliss. Stay tuned!


Tracey said...

Cute and creative! I like it! My kids did something like this when we read Ms. Hickory.

Anonymous said...

Very darling and creative! Thanks for sharing :)

Kisha said...

Very cute! She's so creative.

Julie said...

I love that your daughter owns a Leatherman. Awesome.

Heather said...

haha- yes Julie she does! And she was just sewing away and cutting strings with it too.